It’s quite the setting: a scenic view consisting of the Franklin Mountains, where the sun comes up and illuminates the city of El Paso, Texas, letting its residents know a new day has begun. That’s one of the exulting benefits an El Paso homeowner enjoys after having his new home constructed in the quaint isolation of the western Franklin Mountains. In addition to the alluring backdrop surrounding the home, the owner wanted to ensure his house was both durable and energy efficient. To make his vision a reality, the owner opted to have a spray foam roofing system installed.

Texas-based SPF contractor New Era Spray Foam was brought in for the installation of the roof system for a split-level roof, which consisted of the application of SPF and silicone coating.

“The owner and the architect wanted a spray foam roof from the get-go,” said New Era’s Rob Tollen. “The house had been designed with energy efficiency and structural rigidity in mind.”

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